December 2019 Reading List

‘Tis the season of cheer and merry! So I’ve got you covered! This month’s reading list is light. I thought holidays are a time to do something relaxing and that is why I wanted to stay away from any heavily loaded pieces. But stay tuned for those in January haha. As usual, the list will be a balanced amalgam of entertainment, learning and small steps of change that you can make in your lives to make them better.

Book: The Book of the month is the Mahabharata Trilogy.

Yes, this may be cheating since I am recommending 3 books and not one but trust me, you would want to read it till the end. If you are anything like me where mythology and scriptures make you curious and you want to see what the interpretations of it are, then this Christopher C. Doyle series is something you should read for sure. 

As a kid, my Nani (maternal grandmother) used to tell me interpretations of the sacred scriptures of Hinduism with such a flare. She would boast of the scientific advancements that were mentioned in them and how advanced the society was. I, of course, pointed out how all this was mythology and unreal. But if Elon Musk can get motivation from the science fiction, ‘The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy’ and send a Tesla into space then I think we must give credit to our Rishis for writing such riveting stories too. We don’t know who will get inspired by it!

The series focusses on Mahabharata and unfolds the many secrets that the writer believes it has. These secrets are related to weapons, longevity and other medical sciences. It also tries to connect the dots between why Asoka gave up violence and why Alexander the Great came to India. Now, remember, it is all an assumption and 100% fiction but as they say, there is no smoke without fire.

Order of the trilogy and the links to buy it: 

  1. The Mahabharata Secret
  2. The Alexander Secret
  3. The Secret of Druids 

PS: I would strongly suggest against listening to the Audible of the second part. The pronunciation of many words has been massacred and it loses its meaning. The first and last parts sound great on Audible though.

Article: 6 Ways You Can Fight the World's Most Unnecessary Problem

Now the article I thought you must read this month is also around a cause that I am making myself aware of as well. It is ‘Food Waste’. The more I find out about this, the more it shocks me. I wonder how did we let this situation get out of our hands so much. This article by Soapbox is quick insight on what the problem is, followed by some easy takeaways. I hope you find it interesting. May be some great new year resolutions for you in there 🙂

Podcast: Episode: The Instagram Hashtag Deep Dive You've Been Waiting For.

Last is learning! I have been asked time and again about hashtags on Instagram. Now, I am no expert on this at all and still learning but this podcast gives you a great overview of what Instagram hashtags mean, how they help your account and how you need to start using it. 

I have been following the ‘Goal digger podcast’ for such a long time and have loved multiple episodes. The best part is that they are simple, easy to understand and leave you with some simple takeaways on what you can actually implement in your professional life. 

Let me know how you like these recommendations and stay tuned for my January list. Also, share what is on your list in the comments below. 

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Happy holidays!

Love and light,


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