Founder Fundamentals

Starting your entrepreneurial journey? Try this 8-week course. Some modules include:

  • Idea validation
  • User interviews
  • Product-market experimentation guide
  • Business models.
  • Effective digital presence
  • Marketing sizing
  • Pitch practice and feedback

Invite to Speak

Arjita has spoken at Women in Stem Conference, TedX San Francisco, Google's Women Techmaker, Global Entrepreneurship Congress, Expat Women events and others on:

  • Education Technology
  • Social Impact
  • Growth Marketing
  • Scaling through digital.
  • Entrepreneurship.

One on One

Running a B2C business? Can't figure out growth and scale?  Let's try one on one sessions:

  • Growth marketing
  • Digital experimentation
  • Product testing
  • Digital product development
  • Value proposition Clarity
  • Sales pipeline
  • User feedback interpretation
  • Building user communities.

About Arjita:

Arjita is the founder and CEO of Equally, a universal platform to ignite the curiosity of kids. This became one of the semi finalists in the Global Learning XPrize.

Listen to her TEDx San Francisco Talk here.

She is currently serving on the Advisory Board of Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, San Francisco. She is a lecturer at the San Francisco State University where she teaches entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation and, business ethics.

She is also the co-founder of Startup India, an organization that is building tools and resources for entrepreneurs in India to create impactful startups.

Arjita started her entrepreneurship journey at 16. Her first startup was a vocational school in India, where trained over 10,000 people in communication skills and interview skills.

Entrepreneurship Arjita Customer product

She has been able to organically build a pipeline of 40,000 users for her current startup. She did this by building digital communities, regular product testing, and user feedback. She believes in growth through experimentation.

She now helps B2C startups in figuring out their growth and scale using her frameworks of product-market fit.

To see more, please visit her Linkedin Profile, Instagram Profile or Twitter profile.


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